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UHEL logo The University of Helsinki (legal name HELSINGIN YLIOPISTO, abbreviation UHEL), has regularly been ranked among Europe's 10 to 15 best universities on worldwide ranking lists of research universities. Some 470 doctorates are completed annually and nearly 10,000 scientific articles or monographs are published yearly by the university's researchers. The Department of Physics of the University is strongly research-oriented, has 30 professors and 350 employees, most of them are hired on external competitive funding. The materials science research group of Prof. Kai Nordlund, Dr, Flyura Djurabekova and Dr. Antti Kuronen comprises 30 full-time scientists working on multiscale computer modelling of ion beam modification of materials and related non-equilibrium effects. The work has resulted in more than 400 refereed publiccations and 25 PhD. theses since the year 2000. A particular strength of the research team is molecular dynamics and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of formation and ion beam modification of nanostructured materials.

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