HZDR - Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf

HZDR logo The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V. (HZDR) is a non-profit research organisation and a member of the German "Helmholtz Association". With around 1,000 employees, it is the largest research institution in the German Federal State of Saxony, being funded by the Federal and Saxonian Governments. The eight institutes of HZDR are active in application-oriented basic research, which is focused on three major research topics: matter, energy, and health. The Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research (IIM) at HZDR is mainly active in materials research. It operates the Ion Beam Center (IBC) which represents one of the worldwide leading infrastructures for the investigation of ion-solid interactions and the application of ion technologies in research and industry. Significant part of IIM activities are related to the directed modification of semiconductor and nanostructures by ion beams based on a close combination of theory/simulation and experimental work. The IIM at HZDR is well experienced in national and European projects, both as partner and coordinator. Under FP7 it has coordinated the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative SPIRIT.

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- Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research
- Division Ion Beam Center

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